Elude Shark Safe Dive Hood 5mm

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This 3mm dive hood uses highest grade limestone based neoprene (no petroleum) for more warmth and less water entry. The hood is attached to a lightweight vest for ease of wear and another layer of warmth.

Designed to be worn with a Shark Safe steamer and Shark Safe Tank Cover

It also incorporates SAMS shark safe technology designed to hide the wearer in the water column, based on a shark's visual perception. Read more on the technology.

Caution to Users

Testing of the SAMS technology is ongoing and will continue for many years. All sharks are dangerous and unpredictable creatures. It is impossible for SAMS to guarantee that 100% of sharks will be influenced under all circumstances with the SAMS technology. Water based activities in the presence of sharks is inherently dangerous and is not recommended therefore we recommend that if a shark is sighted that the user leaves the water.


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