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The Original Radiator 0.5mm Thermal Vest

February 15, 2023

Radiator's Unique 4- layer Technology: Thinner, Lighter and WarmerWhen Radiator first developed the world’s original 0.5mm thermal vest, it changed the way to keep warm in the water and has now become standard waterwear for surfers, divers or anyone enjoying the water.  Using a unique 4 layer technology and Japanese limestone based neoprene Radiator is still unbeaten for quality and performance. Whether worn on its own or under a conventional wetsuit, Radiator thermal wear enables a whole range of options and combinations to cover all conditions with warmth and flexibility in a super lightweight garment.Superior Insulation with Limestone Technology To make the best wetsuit you need the best material. Our thermal wear and wetsuits are made from the highest grade limestone based chloroprene (CR) from the Yamamoto Corporation in Japan.  4 Layer Technology
  1. SCS super composite skin: The silver slip skin reflects body heat and zero resistance on the skin enables better movement and less fatigue. 
  2. 93% closed cell neoprene core: Thermal barrier for Super insulation
  3. Titanium: Softer, lighter and does not absorb water
  4. Nylon outer jersey: Improves form, durability and 4-way stretch. 
Memory Shape and Slipskin Lining The cell structure also makes the chloroprene stretchy, and gives it better “memory” to come back to shape and last longer without bagging out. Our iconic Thermal Vest incorporates Radiator’s 4 layer construction with an inner slipskin lining. This layer has zero resistance to the skin allowing the vest to slide on your skin as you move meaning much less restriction and ease of movement. In other words, it doesn’t suck onto you inhibiting movement, and tiring you out, like a conventional suit.Body Heat Reflexion and Premium FeaturesBest of all, the Blue slipskin being a metallic base reflects your body heat extremely efficiently keeping you toasty warm but allowing for much thinner suits.All our suits are manufactured using the latest production techniques and include all the premium features. Radiator also offers:
  • Unconditional warranty
  • 14 day no questions asked returns
Radiator keeps you in the water longer
Don’t just take our word for itDon’t just take our word for it – the proof is in the doing.Since launching the Radiator vest we have sold literally tens of thousands to a stream of new customers, and regulars who keep coming back. We put everything into our products in a very competitive environment. To survive this long – we must be doing something right! 
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