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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I swap if I order the wrong size?
Yes, just let us know what you need by phone or email. We will send you a replacement size together with a prepaid return bag for the original.
Phone: 1300 195833

Can I return an item if I decide I don’t want it?
Yes, just send it back and we will refund no questions asked (as long as it has not been used in the water).

Can I come to the showroom?
Yes but opening times are irregular. Check our website or call us before you come down.
Phone: 1300 195833

Do you have shops near me where I can buy?
Yes we sell our vests and other 0.50mm range in selected stores. You can check current Stocklists here

Our Steamers are only available direct from us online.

How long is the delivery time?
We dispatch within 24 hours using Australia Post. Transit time in Oz is currently about 4-5 days. International orders about 10 days.

When is my order coming?
A tracking code will has been sent to you from our system or you can contact us directly by phone or email to check the progress of your order.
If you have not received it check your junk mail or contact us.

How do I pick my size?
You can check sizing here.
If in doubt go for the bigger one or call us and we will advise the best size for you.
If there is any problem with fit when the suit arrives you just let us know and we send a replacement size together with a prepaid bag to return the original.

What is the warranty?
All our suits care our unconditional “Fair Claim Warranty”. 

We are prepared to back up the quality of our products 100%. If you are not entirely happy with your purchase for any reason , just contact us for a full refund or exchange.

At Radiator, our customers are our number 1 priority. We're not happy unless you are. Simple as that.

If your neoprene is so good why doesn’t everyone use it?
You would have to ask them but we assume a lot of companies are more concerned with margin and brand strength than quality. Despite what their marketing might say.

Our neoprene is at least double the price of materials used commonly by other companies so that is probably the answer.

Does anyone else use the same rubber as you?
Yes, a few companies use Yamamoto like us, particularly in the dive market. Generally smaller premium brands. However, our 4 layer combination with the inner slipskin is unique to us.

What temperature water can I use your suits in?
This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many variables involved when using a wetsuit  besides water temp. Ie Wind strength, the amount of energy you are expending paddling related to conditions, when you were last in the water and for how long, food intake etc etc.

The best guide we can offer is based on feed back for other users. We would say with our suits  you can go down a layer from what you were previously wearing eg if you were wearing a 4/3 go to a 3/2 in ours. Also one of our 0.50 mm vests under another suit will at least 1mm in extra warmth.

What is the slipskin made from?
It is a titanium based with a few other secret spices.

Why is limestone better for the environment?
It is important to note it also produces a much better quality foam with a very high closed cell component making it lighter, softer and more durable with superior insulating properties. It also absorbs less water than standard neoprene making it lighter wet or dry. For more info click here

Can you say your products are environmentally friendly?
Whilst a limestone base is definitely better there are still some other chemicals used in the process. We are working at improving on this all the time including developing recycled jersey, water based glues, recycled rubber, etc but there is still a little way to go. We won't stop trying.

Where can I get your products?
All our products are available direct online.
Our 0.50mm range of vests , shorts etc are available from selected retailers.
Our steamers are only available online to maintain competitive prices.
You can come to our showroom in Fremantle but call first as our treading hours can change. 1300 195 833

How can you compete with the big guys?
When you are smaller you have to try harder. However, there is actually nothing they can do that we can't. In fact, we would like to think we can do it better by concentrating on outcomes not costs.

And three cheers for the internet! We are able to sell out products around the world direct to our consumers. This means we can avoid the supply chains, and various levels of distribution, that the more established and older brands are committed to. Every time someone touches the product a margin is added.

In our case we make ‘em and we sell ‘em – direct to you!

Do you have all the best production features?
We use a contract manufacturer based in Hong Kong to cut and sew our suits. We have used the same company for 30 years. They also make suits in large numbers for other companies around the world mainly in Europe (very few brands have their own factory – if any).

The fact is there are not many different ways to construct a wetsuit but some companies just do better than others (usually at a cost). In this way, we have access to the best of the best, and have all the most up to date processes available to us.

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