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Fundamentally to make a good wetsuit you need to use the best material.

We have devoted ourselves to sourcing the highest grades of neoprene that are available to provide maximum warmth and comfort. Simply - if we don’t believe it’s the best there is, we won’t use it.

Our latest range of wetsuits features high compression, lightweight material that has been created from a limestone base. This gives the material a high ratio of closed cells making it less water absorbent and lighter, while also being gentle on the environment.

With a high closed cell ratio and all over superstretch, our suits will have you wondering how they can be so warm and feel so light.





Designing wetsuits is as simple as it is complex. Ultimately we aim to design a suit that allows maximum warmth with minimum restriction. This simple objective requires a complex combination of competing factors.

It means using the best materials available and designs that match the body’s anatomical movement while maintaining simplicity of design.  

This is a continual evolutionary process and we are constantly searching for new innovations in designs and materials such as our new scientifically designed shark deterrent range and new environmentally friendly materials.   

The world's original thermal vest

Radiator developed the world’s original 0.5mm thermal vest which uses unique and unrivalled 4-layer technology. Independent testing proved Radiator to outperform another similar material on all counts (results below).

Paddling tests conducted by university researchers also concluded that wearing a Radiator vest can result in up to 10% higher body temperature in the chest and forearm. This enables a better range of motion, improved blood flow resulting in less energy expenditure and more quality time in the water with better performance.


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