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Take full advantage of the ocean. Of its power, freedom and motion. 

Radiator, a breakthrough in wetsuit technology, combines four revolutionary layers that provide incredible warmth without restricting movement. Only 0.5mm thin, the Radiator thermal vest allows the freedom and flexibility to deal with any condition. All while keeping you warmer than other bulky suits.

Its Closed Cell Content is 33% greater than traditional rubbers, so it retains more heat and is less buoyant than thicker suits. And whether you’re swimming from polar bears or piranhas, Radiator has a product to suit. Giving you the freedom to surf or dive wherever, whenever, however and for as long as you like.


The world's original thermal vest

Worn on its own or under a traditional wetsuit, the radiator thermal vest provides options all year round. 

Paddling tests conducted by university researchers also concluded that wearing a Radiator vest can result in up to 10% higher body temperature in the chest and forearm. This enables a better range of motion, improved blood flow resulting in less energy expenditure and more quality time in the water with better performance.

Independent testing also found Radiator's technology to outperform the copies.   Warmer, lighter, more flexible and more durable. Check out the results below.

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