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Embrace the boundless power and exhilarating freedom of the ocean with Radiator.

Radiator represents a paradigm shift in wetsuit technology, integrating four innovative layers that deliver unparalleled warmth without compromising on mobility. At a mere 0.5mm thickness, our thermal vest offers unrivaled flexibility to tackle any aquatic condition, ensuring you stay warmer and more agile than ever before.

One of the key advantages of Radiator lies in its ability to retain heat while minimizing buoyancy, thanks to a Closed Cell Content that exceeds traditional rubbers by 33%.

Whether you're navigating Arctic waters or tropical reefs, Radiator has the perfect solution, empowering you to surf, dive, or swim with absolute freedom, wherever you are.

The Original Thermal Vest

Wearable as a standalone garment or beneath a conventional wetsuit, the Radiator thermal waterwear provides versatile options for all situations.

Recent paddling tests conducted by university researchers have revealed compelling benefits of wearing a Radiator vest, including up to a 10% increase in body temperature across the chest and forearms. This not only enhances range of motion but also promotes better blood circulation, resulting in reduced energy expenditure and prolonged water enjoyment.

Furthermore, independent evaluations have confirmed that Radiator's technology surpasses imitation products in terms of warmth, weight, flexibility, and durability.

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