Radiator is based in Fremantle Western Australia. The company is owned and operated by the original founder, Bob Lushey.

Bob has been involved in the wetsuit industry for over 30 years as one of the original founders of WestSuits (West Surfing Products) . He then left WestSuits to form Sirocco wetsuits, a custom fitting specialist servicing the surf and dive market with manufacturing all based in Fremantle, Western Australia. That business has since evolved into Radiator.

Radiator’s signature garment the 0.50mm vest was released over two decades ago and significantly changed the way wetsuits are worn with the option of layering existing suits for more warmth and less thickness or to simply enjoy the new found freedom of a technologically advanced super lightweight thermal garment.

The company’s latest developments using SAMS™ disruptive visual technology for shark evasion is set to completely revolutionise the wetsuit world. Based on solid science, but with obvious logic, it is easy to imagine these suits becoming very commonplace.

Whilst Radiator is only a relatively small company, we are very proud of our innovations in the development of these revolutionary products.

The basis of producing a good wetsuit is to use good materials. All our 0.50mm products use neoprene from Yamamoto corporation in Japan. A little more expensive but absolutely the best there is in this lightweight material. Of course, because we sell direct we are able to use these sort of high performance technical materials but still maintain price and value for money for our customers.

In our 3mm and 5mm styles, we use exclusively Sheico brand neoprene featuring a limestone based foam. Better for the environment and one of the highest grade products with an excellent cell structure. We believe the Sheico product is the best there is available for these styles. We would expect no argument on that because the fact is that all the top companies use Sheico material of some sort. We can confidently say that our suits are at least as good, if not better, than any other suits available.

We use the latest production techniques in constructing our wetsuits. Again, our wetsuits are actually made in the same factories as the biggest name brands.

The big feature is that our suits are all sold direct to the end users, either online, or through our outlet store. This ensures that we can offer the best possible quality and performance wetsuits at the best possible prices.

We stand behind all our products with a completely unequivocal warranty and refund policy. If something happens that shouldn’t – we’ll correct it without question or cost to you.

We are very proud of our products and absolutely committed to producing the best products and value for our customers.

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