Blue Series Mens Surf Steamer Long Sleeve 1.5mm - Radiator Waterwear



Blue Series Mens Surf Steamer Long Sleeve 1.5mm

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Introducing the most technologically advanced wetsuit. The Radiator Blue Series includes our unique 4-layer blue slipskin on the chest, back and arms, providing even more warmth than ever before and total freedom of movement.

The extremely warm BLUE layer reflects body heat with zero drag on the skin - enabling better movement and less fatigue.

Radiator uses 100% limestone-based neoprene (no petroleum), which provides a higher component of closed cells. This means your suit is warmer, lighter, stronger, absorbs less water and provides better stretch.

The Blue Series really is the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Key Features:

  • Radiator's unique 4-layer Blue Series SCS slipskin on core body and arms provides extra warmth and better movement
  • 100% limestone-based high closed cell neoprene (no petroleum):
    • Lighter (dry weight)
    • Absorbs less water (wet weight)
    • Better barrier to heat transfer (more warmth)
    • Better memory (especially at depth)
    • Stronger and better stretch
    • Better for the environment
  • 4-way stretch outer nylon for more movement
  • Radiator's unique 4-layer construction for warmth without restriction
  • All seams glued and blindstitched
  • Neoprene tape seal on inside upper-stress seams (watertight seal without restricting movement)
  • No internal stitching for better comfort
  • Superstretch reinforced pre-bent back of knee for flexibility and durability
  • Metal zip head is stronger than plastic, with no corrosion or sticking
  • Smoothy zip seal provides a physical seal to restrict water entry
  • Cut fused hems (seals hems to the body with easy entry and exit)
  • Key loop to secure keys or valuables while in the water
  • Chest zip
  • 1.5mm all over

Tech Specs

24% Warmer
30% Better Ease of Movement
9% Lighter When Wet
19% Less Water Absorption

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This truly is a Fantastic Product. Extremely light when wet, Hugs ya body like a second skin with no restrictions when Paddling.
Also, for a 1.5 it's warmer than my 3.2 Billabong steamers.

Charles Morris
Light, flexible and warm

What a great suit for a Tasmanian summer! The other day in the surf the wind was strong offshore and the sets a little slow, but I stayed amazingly warm.
This suit is a snug fit which is important, it is extremely flexible, it is easy to get on and off and dries quickly. My only grizzle is the zipper which you have to connect before you close it, which of course is exacerbated when you are in a surf rush. All in all an amazing suit.

Dale Randahl
Blue Series Steamer 1.5mm

Great wetsuit, cannot fault it. Really light and great freedom of movement. Keeps water out, no leaks.
I keep going back to Radiator as they have proven to be top quality. I surf at least every second day.

Will Barnett
yes good suit Bob,

how does that song go........"move with me groove with me"...-Tim Buckley..............this suit flexes well with the geriatric flubber....and does not inhibit movement in any way......the blue chest and back are ok although i find thermal layer is needed for the ultra cold days this winter on the mnc on the sup wind chill can be a factor standing up.....but for a 1.5mm its amazing ...pretty happy and cant wait to do some windsurfing and foiling with it too. Great value thanks Radiator......and Lou for giving me the heads up.:)

Kieren Anderson

Very comfy - I got the 1.5mm - and pretty damn warm considering I’ve been wearing it through winter. I would be keen to see how warm the 3:2 is on the coldest days

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