Shark DeterRent.

Radiator is the first licensee of SAMS Technology™ and we now supply shark deterrent wetsuits for dive and surf, along with surfboard stickers to reduce the chance of shark attack.

The Oceans Institute team at the University of Western Australia has been studying shark vision for a number of years and is considered the world leading authority in the field. The team has made a number of significant scientific discoveries relating to shark sensory systems.

Although sharks use a number of senses to locate prey, vision is the crucial sense in the final stage of an attack. By disrupting a shark's visual perception, an attack can either be diverted altogether or at least delayed to allow time to exit the water.

The two design variations either present the wearer as potentially dangerous and unpalatable to a shark, or make it very difficult for the shark to see the wearer in the water.

SAMS science is sound, testing is in its early stages but is ongoing. We invite ocean users to inform themselves and make a choice to use SAMS Technology but there are no guarantees. Visit SAMS Website, read Caution to Users or visit SAMS FAQs