NEW Blue Series Mens Surf Steamer 1.5mm - Radiator Wetsuits

NEW Blue Series Mens Surf Steamer 1.5mm

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Introducing the most technologically advanced wetsuit. The Radiator Blue Series includes our unique 4 layer blue slipskin on the chest, back and arms providing even more warmth than ever before and total freedom of movement.

The extremely warm BLUE layer reflects body heat with zero drag on the skin - enabling better movement and less fatigue.

Radiator uses 100% limestone based neoprene (no petroleum) which provides a higher component of closed cells. This means your suit is warmer, lighter, stronger, absorbs less water and provides better stretch.

The Blue Series really is the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Key features:

  • Radiator's unique 4-layer Blue Series SCS slipskin on core body and arms (extra warmth and even more movement)
  • 100% limestone based high closed cell neoprene (no petroleum):
    - Lighter (dry weight)
    - Absorbs less water (wet weight)
    - Better barrier to heat transfer (more warmth)
    - Better memory (especially at depth)
    - Stronger and better stretch
    - Better for the environment
  • 4-way stretch outer nylon for more movement
  • Radiator's unique 4-layer construction for warmth without restriction
  • All seams glued and blindstitched
  • Neoprene tape seal on inside upper stress seams (watertight seal without restricting movement)
  • No internal stitching (better comfort)
  • Superstretch reinforced pre-bent back of knee (flexibility, durability)
  • Metal zip head (stronger than plastic, no corrosion or sticking)
  • Smoothy zip seal (provides a physical seal to restrict water entry)
  • Cut fused hems (seals hems to the body with easy entry and exit)
  • Key loop to secure keys or valuables while in the water
  • Chest zip
  • 1.5mm all over 

14 day no questions asked returns.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best wetsuit you can buy

The most comfortable wetsuit you will ever wear, easiest on and off plus it keeps you warm.

Geoff Woods
Surf in Blue

Wasn't quite sure about the new lining first time I wore the suit 3/2 in 17 degree C water. Felt cool but not cold. Have had the original Radiator suits for about 8 years now. The lining is those is super warm. After a number of wears now and I love the suit, its super flexible and warm without the weight. I have had Oneil and Ripcurl 3/2 and I believe this suit matches with them. If its longevity is like my other radiator suits then it will be a clear winner. Most importantly the suit see me surfing without the niggly shit, its just about the surf. See you out there. Oh and had to sort the order because numb nuts here ordered the 1.5mm instead of the 3/2 and it was no drama at all to sort. Looking after customers now there's old school for ya. Cheers

Marc Stahli
Best wetsuit I’ve owned

The 1.5mm blue line is an awesome bit of kit to windsurf and SUP here in the Midwest.
Nice and light and easy to hop into.
Many thanks for an other excellent priced Radiator product.
Support local, you can’t go wrong

Ross Lowe
Pleasant surprise

Purchased the 1.5,my 3rd radiator steamer and definitely the best!!! I never thought that I'd find a better steamer than my beloved shark suit but I was wrong, warm, flexible and a pleasure to wear, many thanks for a great product

steven lazzaro
Awesome bit of gear!

Great wetty, super comfortable, warm and the service from Radiator is second to none!
First order was to big and Bob sent a replacement straight away! No question the best company I have ever delt with!

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